Outsourced Payroll Services

With ZingMi Outsourced Payroll Services (OPS), your company can be assured of timely and accurate payroll services which include salary, annual and medical leave, annual bonus, rewards, customised to your organization needs. 

OPS is a simple yet comprehensive payroll solution. We search for contract staff, who are employed by ZingMi.

Benefits of ZingMi’s OPS:

  • Solves our client’s headcount issues
  • Frees up client’s time for other value-added and revenue-generating activities
  • Reduces client’s costs
  • Automates HR processes
  • Benefit from ZingMi’s expertise in employment practices and changing labour law regulations

ZingMi maintains a payroll file for each employee. The file contains details on wages, hours worked, unpaid leave, deductions, e.g CPF payments, and other compensation-related data, like days off-in-lieu and childcare leave. ZingMi processes the file data to generate the employee’s salary. These services generally also include deposits and filings related to local labour compliance laws.